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Blogging to Inspire

For an easy read and a bit of inspiration is what you get with blogging to inspire... Based on my learnings and passions. I am a life coach with a sincere desire to help people bloom and just enjoy life

JINA LIFE ~ Life, Business & Spiritual Coaching

JACQUELINE PIGDON dual Australian Rowing Champion, Personal Life Coach and Business Director of JINA LIFE. A company dedicated to helping you reduce stress, gain work/life balance, overcome your biggest life challenges, find inner fulfilment and regain your zest for life! Jacqueline has worked with many people around the world to establish exactly what is causing their problems and challenges both in their personal and professional lives and helps solve them once and for all. Subscribe to our Blog to gain tips & hints on how to live your life and reach your true & full potential!

Get Yourself a Life Coach

Angela Pollicino is a qualified coach, motivational speaker, NLP Practitioner and director of Leading Life. She writes practical articles and tips for those interested in personal growth and improving their mental attitude for success. Her tele-coaching classes offer an affordable and ongoing alternative to private coaching for the budget conscious.
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