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Listing Category is a free online magazine for business and professional women, aimed at delivering useful and educational content in an arena built for 24-hour interaction. It was inspired by the simple ingredients that make networking groups such a success; guidance, companionship, encouragement and sharing of information.While there���s no stand-in for the rewards or friendships that result from face-to-face contact, SNOBS��� philosophy is��� sometimes there���s no time to attend a business card swap meet. Sometimes you lack the enthusiasm to smile and chat at an after-work function you paid sixty dollars for, three weeks ago. SNOBS��� motto is ���socialising leads to opportunity��� and our purpose is to offer visitors the chance to do that in a five-minute break during work hours, or after dinner is done and the kids are put to bed. An avenue to socialise, self-promote and network anytime you like at no cost, is the attraction to

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