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Daily insight from a mama taking steps towards a more sustainable, compassionate and conscious life. Because going eco is logical.


ZigoZago's blog where I share all things knitting and sewing.

Rosies Stuff n Sew

Rosies Stuff N Sew is devoted to crafting and exploring the world of costuming. Here you will find: >lace >millinery >highlights of local events in the ACT Region (Australia) >fabric finds >sewing pattern reviews >historical references to clothing and hair styles.

Cloth nappies are fun

My blog is about my personal experience with cloth nappies and elimination communication. My passion for cloth nappies has also sparkled interest in sewing (nappies), knitting (wool nappy covers) and compulsive shopping (for everything nappy-related). I started this blog in the hope that writing about my favourite topic will distract me from online shopping...

Mummy Crafts

This is my place to share the crafts I enjoy and the things I make - sewing, quilting, scrapbooking, knitting, gifts and more. Drop on by and look around!


Zanz hand dyed - Hand dyed yarn - wool, cotton, bamboo and more; Hand dyed cotton material - aprons, socks, bags. Hand knit baby and children's clothing including longies and soakers. All selling at

Knit Beginnings

KNIT BEGINNINGS is about my knitting journey from the novice, over excited knitter I am at present. I share my current and finished projects and make comments and references to knitting related sites and blogs that hold something of interest for me. I want to find and share inovated ideas, contemporary patterns and yarn and yarn alternatives that expand on what I know of knitting know. Knitted homewares, and knits suitable for Aussie climates and lifestyles are a priority at the moment.

Another thing or two

I chat about gardening, cooking, music, books, film, knitting, pets, and anything that's a bit quirky.

Before Our Time

Alison and Megan are Australian Gen-X women with a love of technology and all the comforts of a 21st Century life, but does it make their lives any simpler than that of their forebears?

Page 63 of your manual

Sayraphim Lothian is an artist and independent curator who works in a range of media including photography, digital manipulation, mixed media sculpture, craft and soft sculpture and site specific installations. She is currently focusing her practice on digital art and craft/soft sculpture, primarily knitting. Page 63 is her craft business.
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