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Knit Beginnings

KNIT BEGINNINGS is about my knitting journey from the novice, over excited knitter I am at present. I share my current and finished projects and make comments and references to knitting related sites and blogs that hold something of interest for me. I want to find and share inovated ideas, contemporary patterns and yarn and yarn alternatives that expand on what I know of knitting know. Knitted homewares, and knits suitable for Aussie climates and lifestyles are a priority at the moment.


My name is Amelia and I live in Melbourne, Australia. As a child, I had very chubby cheeks.


knitting, sewing, cooking, photography and general crafting


Craft, sewing, knitting, creating, toys


true believers in the sentience of handcrafted toys.


Mostly crafty blog, sewing, knitting, baking, making and movies. Whatever takes my fancy and what I'd like to share with the rest of you!
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