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welcome to Elysium - the home of a righteously ascended novice novelist. Join Tanya on her journey from first draft manuscript to published novel. Be warned, this isn't a quick trip to the bookstore...

Changing My Life in 365 Easy Steps

A blog about a housewife searching for her identity one adventure at a time. From fake tan fiascoes to yoga disasters; from learning to ride a motorcycle to busking at a graveyard, this housewife means business. Groundhog Day is officially over!

Keep walking!

Life is such an incredible journey. I believe we should enjoy the journey more than the destination. Around The World With One Bra

She started with a jam-packed backpack, and ended with a bra. Read about her round-the-world adventures with a twist...

Half Man Half Shark

Life as a carbon-based life form; a journey of building on success and learning from mistakes.
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