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Me & My Dad

Make this 21st June an unforgettable event of life! We only have a chance a year to win the heart of our dad and ‘Me & My Dad’ does just that with excellence. This will have unprecedented emotional effect! More than just quotes these are nectars of life. Your bond is bound to get stronger, sweeter and swifter. Filled with features like awesome music background, your chosen photographic background and liberty to save, and add to your favorites…

An Android Era

An ordinary person sees how many seeds are there in an apple whereas a visionary’s perception is how many apples are there in a seed! It’s all about state of mind. Businessman with guts know when and where to venture into the business. Despite of having one too many players in the market, Android platform is surely the one everyone should look up to for the simple reason of its exceptionally wonderful user interface. This is the time to get to know how Android functions before it is too late. Certainly it has a very bright future….Discussed in the article….

An Inimitable Instrument…….iPhone

Making money should necessarily render you with the sense of satisfaction. ‘It’s not the ends that matter but means to the end that matters’ said Gandhi. People can hardly question the ethics of people who developed smart phone applications to help one look more organized, enhance productivity, succulent recipe, games, education and the list is endless. Wherever smart people work, doors are unlocked. This is so true. They work very craftily without compromising the ethics, and make millions at a drop off a hat.


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