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All the latest news on Australian Investing.

Discover what the future of Western Australia holds

The mission of the futureWA blog is to explore and encourage radical positive trends in Western Australia. The blog has a strong focus on technology,culture and the environment in relation to the future of Western Australia.

Property Investing in Australia

Property Investing in Australia is a blog about just that, property investing in Australia. Real Estate, finance, tenants, funny stuff and serious matters, making money while you sleep and paying off your PPOR are all here....come and check it out!

Les Freeman

Les Freeman's - Free Investor’s guide and reviews find the best business insight. Knowledge is power, get free knowledge and build your business, learn the new investing tactics from Les Freeman, Australia's top investor.

Gold as an investment | gold coins and bars online

Gold as an investment - this is the topic of my blog. In times of a financial crisis people ask themselves how and where to get their money into safety. Shall I buy gold bars or coins? What about taxes, transportation and insurance? Where can I buy gold online? What about diamonds as an investment? How is the current gold price and what are the precious metal prospects?

Cashflow Trader Blog

Giving the views and opinions on financial markets and share trading.


If you're looking for a different take on financial planning, this is the blog for you. We talk about superannuation, investments and insurance, but we're not afraid of putting our opinions out there. Our main contributor, Jordan Vaka, is a financial planner with more than five years experience in helping people reach their financial goals and take control of their financial situation. We also provide several educational series introducing the basics of superannuation, insurance and investment - with relevant, useful real-life examples.

James Cox finance blog

This blog explores finance, investing, the stock market and trading. It provides a simple and evolving perspective on the financial world from the perspective of a non-expert.

Positive Property

The place to come and see and hear about Positive Geared Property in great locations also to learn how to invest in the right property and location.
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