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The personal website of company director, web deveoper, amature graphic designer, photographer and all around random happenings, based in Brisbane, Australia.

The Fourth Estate

Mike Walsh's weblog on the future of media


The seedy underbelly of Australian politics, media and society.

strafe... online

Blog of a mid 20 year old from Perth, running his own IT + web business, building a house, chewing through power cables and drinking beer.

Temporal Island

I've moved from Down South to the beachside suburbs of Perth. Where will I find a decent friand? My temporal island is slowly sinking but I'm afloat.

Bland Canyon

Life in the fast aisle - ravings and whingeing from a 25 year old Adelaide girl who spends way too much surfing the internet and watching TV (not to mention the supermarket)


A blog to share info about technology for use in education.... and anything else I think is cool!

Blog Marco

Ramblings of a Photographer/Uni Student/Share Trader/Forex Trader about Sydney News, Current Affairs, Travelling, Technology, Photography, University, Celebrities and Life!

My thoughts on accessibility, web design and business from a young person's perspective
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