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Handy IT tips and tricks

If you feel like computers are changing a bit too fast around you, this is where you will find the answers to your IT questions. We provide a constant supply of handy tips and tricks and provide links to sites with some great tools that you can use to make your everyday life easier, whether at work or at home. Remember, the IT experts at B Technologies are here to help!

Amazing weight loss

good information on diets and nutrition

Have your say..

We’re a small team inside IAG that has launched a community site, asking consumers to help 
us design the best online insurance experience and products. It’s called The site includes an idea exchange where people interested in insurance issues can enter ideas, vote on others ideas or refine them by adding comments. A quick poll, interactive surveys and an anonymous suggestion box provide a variety of ways people can have their say.
 This is a chance for you all to be car and home insurance contributors. 
Visit us today and have your say.

The Phunny Pharm

Phunny stories from Phreaky Pharmacies. This blog contains all the unusual, insane, unexpected and ultimately funny stories (well mostly funny) from pharmacies I have worked in for the last 10 plus years as a student and as a pharmacist.

Melbourne 24 7

You would likely find more things of interest inside the cavity of a northern european wood ducks arse.


Introducing CruftBucket, the Webs version of landfill. Recycling and reusing cruft (and other good stuff) from around the Internet.

Sydney Diary

Sydney Diary produces daily content that details interesting events and entertainment happening in Sydney.

Valis blog

Blog on library and information issues, focusing on news, current awareness and reference, and New Zealand library news.
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