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Whoa Mumma!

Tracks the life of a 32 year old mum of 3 (with one on the way!). Inspire me, ridicule me, how do you do it? I laugh at the American soccer mom stereotype, I'm aiming for something in between Angelina Jolie and Marge Simpson.

Catacomb Creative

Catacomb Creative was birthed from the loins of Kelly G. Formerly a child of Canberra but currently a Blushing Melbournite, she has fallen in love with her new home and shotgunned a wedding of admiration and trams. Together, Kelly and her fair city hope to raise and nurture their hidden lovechild that is art, creativity and inspiration-in-general by bringing together talent and ideas from under every rock.

Sketch of a Season

A stylists' take on current and future trends in fashion and homewares.

Personal Development-the way forward for the future.

Fabulous blog filled with Personal Development hints and insights,book reviews,inspiration, and knowledge about the Law of Attraction,The Secret, and the keys to the workings of our Universe and how to get the most out of our time here.

Here Comes the Sun

A showcase of everything beautiful and inspiring.

Motivational Memo

The original Motivational Memo was first created in the year 2000 by its author Peter Sinclair, in order to supply people with a powerful motivational tool that would assist them in their day to day lives. Thousands have benefited from Peter’s ezines and blogs and many of Peter’s unique writings have formed the basis of his best selling books. Peter is also the CEO of OE Design - The Web Designers and of OE Publishing - a publisher of motivational products.

Blogging to Inspire

For an easy read and a bit of inspiration is what you get with blogging to inspire... Based on my learnings and passions. I am a life coach with a sincere desire to help people bloom and just enjoy life

Campaign Brief

The who's who of Advertising in Australia gather to talk about new campaigns and have a laugh at each other.

mum space

mum space is news, reviews, interviews, recipes, craft, fashion, home hints, links and a friendly place for mums

Scheherazade's Den

Scheherazade's Den is a place to go which explores the multi-dimensional life of mamahood - the place where creativity, writing, mothering, loving, working, cooking and trying to keep your sanity intersect. This blog aims to be as honest as possible about this sometimes conflicting experience of creative and free spirited mamas.
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