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Learn weird, funny and interesting facts about Brisbane from other Brisbanites.


Learn weird, funny and interesting facts about Sydney from other Sydneysiders.

World Wide Jeb

A gay Aussie bloke in Melbourne. Loves beer, men, metal music, and falling over.

Campaign Brief

The who's who of Advertising in Australia gather to talk about new campaigns and have a laugh at each other.


The Crazy World of Tennis blog is where I post the latest photos of the ATP and WTA tennis players - ranging from on court, off court, photo shoots and more. It's a blog dedicated to the hard working players of the professional tours by a fan obsessed with anything and everything tennis!

A wheel within a wheel

Tasty grey matter. Honest.

Status Quo Ante - A life lived 160 characters at a time.

Status quo ante is Latin for the way things were before so it seems a fitting name for a blog that catalogues the history of my favourite personal (i.e. original) Facebook status updates. Each one comes with clarifications, background notes, further anecdotes and/or unrelated musings as required.

Diary of an Extra

Diary of an Extra is true accounts of my life as a professional film and television extra. It covers stupid things I've done on set, people I've met and jobs I've had, from being one in a crowd of 300 to performing opposite the male lead of a TV series. It's a light hearted look at the industry and a great way to learn about the business!

Concrete Bricks

Join Michael Simms, an internationally recognized slam poet, as he blogs about his travels around the world, his life as a business man, and his pursuits as a writer. Current stop Australia!

"Tas Brevitas"

I am fifty, female and unemployed. I started writing a blog about trying to find a local job but then discovered that everything apart from looking for a job is far more interesting.
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