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A bit of serious fun, a bit of funny observation, and not too highbrow. Perfect!

Vanessa Is...

There is no rhyme nor reason to topics posted. Don't fence me in, man!

Just Delete That

Whatever pops into my head.

PANTS - People Against Non-eventful TimeS

People Against Non-eventful TimeS (PANTS)


A blog about all that is wrong with the world, by someone who is always right.

cfsmtb in low earth orbit

cileo is an slightly organised and irrevalent look at cycling and sustainable transport in Melbourne, Australia, overseas, and possibly all sorts of stray ephemera that gets caught in between.


Blogs ... heard about 'em, but never ever saw one until about 10 minutes ago when I deliberately went looking to see what all the fuss was about. Always wanted to write in order to make people laugh or cry ... but when I sit down to do it, I always get stuck on the starting phrase


the day to day life of a 22 year old male from Brisbane


Cynicism in a Hot Dish
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