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Mud Pie

Mud Pie is a quirky gardening blog recording the progress of fruit and vegetable growing in surburban Brisbane. The aim of the blog is to inspire its author and readers to get out into the garden and grow food for the family table.


Hello ! Welcome the Amazon Power Blog .... where you will get into the world of the health, fun and active lifestyle. You will read posts about the Super fruits and healthy foods. What top athletes and celebrities say about Açai Amazon Power and their special nutrition. Watch fun videos of sports Action, Beach and adventure Lifestyle, and Açai with other exotic fruits recipes. Amazon Power is the first to introduce to Australia the most exotic range of Brazilian fruit, specially the Açaí.

Limes & Lycopene

I blog about food - cooking, recipes, the joy and excitement I get from ingredients, but also be about health, cutting through the rubbish, contradictions, misinformation and downright silliness that is out there about health, diet and naturopathy.
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