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Customizing Life

Customizing Life is a personal development blog dedicated to providing both practical advice and thought-provoking insights. We cover a variety of topics including social interaction, habits, fitness and mindset.

Setting Fitness Goals The SMART Way (Without Working Up A Sweat)

Most fitness journeys begin with setting fitness goals when you realise there is a problem with your health or the way you look and feel. And then you realise the solution to this problem. Setting fitness goals and making lifestyle changes is that solution. Setting fitness goals is ideal for chasing success. But to keep yourself from failing to reach them, make your fitness goals SMART. You’ll be very surprised at how easy it becomes to achieve what you set out to do.


ThisIsChelseaLeigh is all about Fashion, Gaming, Beauty, Health and Life Experiences. I have a genuine interest in all these niches's and I share everything that I learn, like or hate about them.

Healthy Party Girl

This blog is about… Fitness, health, and overall wellness Finding the right balance for the fullest life Fostering positivity among female peers Food, fitness, facts, fashion and fun! Follow me: @healthypartygrl

Think about these issues

Probing individuals to think and reflect on issues in their lives and the wider society

Operations Manager

Shadow Boxer is the brainchild of Former Personal Trainer Paul Todd. He is a veteran of the Health and Fitness industry and has been developed Shadow Boxer Resistance trainer through his years of experience. Shadow Boxer's BLOG is a back up service for our product providing workouts tips and advice for those seeking lifestyle change and assistance. Enjoy.

The Paleo Network

An Australian blog about health, fitness and nutrition from an evolutionary perspective. If you want hacks, tips, recipes and articles to improve your health, this is the place you'll find it. This site will interest anyone who cares about their health; whether you're Paleo, Primal, Diabetic, Low-Carb, Vegan, Vegetarian, Overweight, Under Weight or even a poor sleeper!

Fitness Holiday Asia

Fitness Holiday Asia is a provider of fitness holidays. Read our blog about fitness, weight loss, and living a healthy lifestyle.
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