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Giving Back & Creating Success

Kieron Atkinson is a self employed dad, business owner and Australian Entrepreneur who enjoys writing about what makes successful people tick. Not only that, being a dad he loves to write about his kids and family experiences too. Kieron lives in Queensland on the Sunshine Coast and is committed to being with his family through running his own business from home. is a resource for people to find the latest available websites for aiding them grow their businesses, a great resource for entrepreneurs in Australia and across the globe.

The Wannabe Work At Home Mum

I have a new goal: To become a successful work at home mum and ontrepreneur (online entrepreneur). With zero experience and expertise relevant towards achieving this goal, I am marching forward with enthusiasm regardless. I hope that by blogging my way through this journey, I will provide some insights, or at least some laughs, for others with similar aspirations.

Francis Lee's SEO Blog

The blog of Pixel Square Production's CEO - Francis Lee, Join him as he ventures into the world of Search Engine Optimisation as a young entrepreneur. Producing daily tips and hints on how to SEO your website as well as deveoping business strategies for fellow entrepreneur.


Matt Freedman's articles, posts, ideas and rants on eMarketing, Business and Entrepreneurism.

MarketingFirst - My Marketing Journal

This website contains my analysis in marketing and business. It also contains my real life experience in marketing and business. As an entrepreneur I would like to share my knowledge.

I want to help people to find out who they are and do all that they can with themselves.

Starting an Australian Web Design Business

Mathew Patterson's blog about starting up a web design business in Sydney, Australia. Plans, schemes, dream, hits and misses.

Mainfram Reality

Mainfram Reality is an online blog owned by Edin Mustajbegovic, owner and chief architect of Mainfram Innovations. It contains general programming articles, software downloads, general info about Edin, etc.
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