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Mum's gone 2 Aus

Mum’s gone 2 Aus is a blog providing help for mums moving to Australia. The aim of the site is to inspire, support, and entertain mums who would like to, or do already, live in Australia. The site’s author is a British freelance writer who moved from London to Sydney with her husband and two children. Articles cover topics such as health, education and childcare, buying nappies and baby food, Australian customs and traditions, and some of the more quirky aspects of life down under.

Getting Down Under - Emigrate to Australia with those who have already done it!

A Blog about the wonders of living life down under. Written by a British ex pat who's loving the new country he now calls home. Provides advice and guidance for those also wanting to make the big move down under.

Getting Down Under

Information and advice for folks looking to Emigrate to Australia by those currently doing it. Following our Journey from West Yorkshire to Perth, Western Australia
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