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DCLA Diamond Exchange, a diamond trading floor providing the largest variety of DCLA certified, approved, and quality guaranteed diamonds available in Australia.The DCLA Diamond Exchange is the first and only certified diamond exchange where every diamond listed is 100% guaranteed to be accurately graded in accordance with International Diamond Council (IDC) and the World Jewellery Confederation (CIBJO) rules. Every diamond listed on the DCLA Diamond Exchange is backed by the Diamond Certification Laboratory of Australia's (DCLA) Consumer Grading Guarantee.This guarantee assures buyers that every diamond listed on the site is independently graded and verified, and is protected by a full-replacement guarantee.Through the Exchange, leading selected Australian diamond merchants list their DCLA certified and guaranteed diamonds directly to you through our virtual trading floor, while DCLA diamond experts guide you through the buying process from beginning to end.Your diamond buying experience with the DCLA Diamond Exchange includes the option to join a hands-on workshop at the world-class, internationally recognised DCLA Laboratory. You will learn about diamonds and diamond grading, directly from the diamond professionals at the source.You can purchase your diamond online, or view a range of diamonds meeting your specifications with the personal assistance of a diamond expert in a professional, laboratory setting. DCLA diamond experts provide a full analyses and explanation of the diamonds being viewed, for your complete confidence, understanding, and peace of mind.Australia's most trusted, transparent name in diamonds now brings you the ultimate diamond buying service, with a guarantee that you get the right diamond at the right price.