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A blog to follow my transition from a big corporate job to training to be a chef and then ultimately to opening my own restaurant.

Benjamin Christie Australian Celebrity Chef from TV Cooking Show Dining Downunder

Australian Celebrity Chef from TV Cooking Show Dining Downunder. Benjamin Christie's blog includes Australian native foods, recipes, ingredients, cookbooks, restaurants, menu development, bush tucker cooking.


my dream job would be to go around the world eating at any restaurant I wish and not paying for it... that and walking around in costumes at disneyland... hi, my name is susan. im from sydney and i am a chocoholic.

Sydney Table

This blog is based on reviews of good restaurants, cafes, and other places to eat, as well as quality food retailers around Sydney. The focus is on quality food, and value. We want to find out what's good and where it is, so we can tell you about it.

Benjamin Christie, Australian Guest Chef Consultant

Benjamin Christie is a young Australian chef with a rapidly growing international reputation as a television presenter, cookbook author, culinary educator and chef consultant.


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