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Important environmental, social and political headlines from around the world summarised for you to save you time. Every day we track down for you insightful and useful stories related to the environment, big business, globalisation, ethics, peak oil, climate change, the global financial crisis, pandemics, health & nutrition, community-building, inspirational individuals, organic & natural farming, backyard gardening and the looming challenges - and inspirational solutions - that will affect our friends, families, future generations and those in far off lands.

I wonder what would happen if......Quilts from Down Under

Weekly prattles about quilt making, kids, grandkids, travel and life in general

Isadore Biffin's Weblog

I am a student in my final year of high school. This blog will document my major work for the year, the “Article Thirty-Nine Concert”.

Learn About Poverty

World Vision Australia have released a great collection of content including photos, videos and data that bloggers can use to talk about the issue of Poverty for Blog Action Day 2008.

Dog Paintings features the artwork of Western Australian artist Michelle Wrighton, with all paintings offered for sale to help fundraising for dog rescue groups and shelters. Obligation free paintings of your dog from photographs.

Fill The Dams

Blog about Fill The Dams - a fundraising initiative to help raise money and awareness for the drought and water conservation in Australia

The Hope Orphanage

Just like most other orphanages, the HOPE Orphanage in Timor-Leste has no major wealthy benfactor, or other magical source of continuous funding. All donations are tax deductible, and will help these kids do amazing things with their lives.

Naked Chronicles

An Aussie in Kenya for a year working as a volunteer with street children, and his thoughts, challenges and tribulations...
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