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The Killfile

Musings on politics, crime and whatever else takes my fancy, from some guy in Canberra who should know better

wine makes mummy clever

Wife. Mother. e-columnist. Public Servant (sigh). Canberran.

PANTS - People Against Non-eventful TimeS

People Against Non-eventful TimeS (PANTS)


thoughts of stay-at-home dad enjoying a mid-career break with toddler X, a laptop and a quiver of skateboards

Book Studio

Find out what's happening in a small shared studio within a large art school within a larger university... in Canberra

Ampersand Duck

Life, the universe and letterpress

Ellis Hutch

Sculpture, performance, installation artist Ellis Hutch posting images of her own work, interesting stuff she's seen and random art related thoughts.

Canberra Jazz Blog

The Canberra Jazz Blog offers news and reviews of jazz events in Canberra, and a record the local jazz scene through pics of performing artists in their habitat.

The Australian Index

A blog about blogging in Australia

Crapping on about whatever I feel like

Sometimes personal stuff, sometimes opinions and observations on the news and life in general, and sometimes just any old crap
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