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Quick Gifts

Quick Gifts is the only Australian business to offer consumers a personalised Gift Card that can be used anywhere in Australia that has EFTPOS.

Australian Women Online

Interviews with successful women and general stories of interest to women

Global Innovation

Global commentary on Australian ideas, innovation and change from a world perspective

Dr Business Online

Dr Business Online is a new interactive blog with valuable information for newbies on how to get a home based business started. Dr Business Online also reveals simple tools on how to detect scams and provides out of the box ideas for fast with no start-up costs home based businesses.

Web Hosting Business Blog

How-to internet business strategies, thoughts, news & opinions

HatchThat - entrepreneurial interviews

I interview entrepreneurs and business people. Learn from them.

Change management

Sacher Associates is a productivity consulting, training and publishing company. The essence of our core work involves Employee Engagement, Workforce Development, Balanced Scorecard, Performance Management, Change Management Implementation, Strategic Business Planning, Change Management Training, Corporate Team Building, Team Building Consultants, Performance Appraisa, in both the public and private sectors.

Turnaround Management

Turnaround Insights provides valuable insights into turnaround principles, corporate finance, crisis management, performance improvement and strategies as well as reviewing case studies and answering questions. This blog is produced by Vantage Performance.

Coding in Weird World

Coding, Programming, South Australia, ICT, Government, Business Analysts are useless

Indra Process and Performance Consulting

Welcome to our blog. We offer services and products to realise the organisational performance potential of businesses. Your results are our concern.
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