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AccWeb - Accounting Blog for Australian Accountants

Collaboration Tools for the Australian Public Accountant Every day, accountants in public practice are faced with an ever-increasing array of products, services and experts, not to mention changes to our environment, including tax laws, human resourcing constraints and rapidly evolving technologies. AccWeb is focused on providing the enabling technologies so that 'forward thinking' accounting professionals can share information and make informed and intelligent choices on the goods, services and membership arrangements that they purchase.

Jack Of All trades - Nathan Huppatz eCommerce

Jack of All Trades is a personal blog, discussing current topics on ecommerce, search engine marketing and optimisation, online sales channels, hints, tips and more.

Retro Age Vintage Fabrics

Retro Age Vintage Fabrics is one of the world's largest online suppliers of genuine vintage fabrics. This is their blog.

Cartwheel Bend

100 acres of uniquely Australian land on the Wakool River. Our aim is to preserve and regenerate our piece of the Murray Darling system; to have it as a place where our friends and family could meet and also as a place of sanctuary - for us as well as the local flora and fauna. We just hope now that we will see the rain, and floods, that will allow it to express it's full array of diversity. Our farming families want the same!

Bushwalking Blog

A record of my bushwalking adventures, mainly in (but not restricted to) Victoria, Australia. Walks are sorted by region, distance, time taken and grading.

The Gourmet Challenge

Each year the Australian Gourmet Traveller magazine puts out a restaurant guide to the top 100 eateries in the nation. This Blog tracks the progress of one womans dream to eat at all 100 restaurants, at one given point in time. Along they way, recipes from each restaurant will be attempted to be cooked at home, with glorious victories and spectacular failures. It might take a year, it might take 5 years or it might take a lifetime. The challenge and joy is the journey along the way.

Nic's News

An Aussie living in Stockholm with a Canadian and two beautiful little tri-citizens. Why are we in Sweden I hear you ask..... because this is where we want to be, for now. But life is not static and tomorrow is not predictable, who knows where we will be the day after tomorrow. Probably still here.

Greenprints Blog - Zero Footprint Week 2008

To tackle climate change, we all need to reduce our ecological footprint. This year Zero Footprint Week asks, “How many planets do you need to support your lifestyle?” Each day of Zero Footprint Week has a different theme and GreenPrint. Each of these GreenPrints offers three ways to save money while saving the environment. Our Greenprints blog collects ideas on how to reduce our ecological footprint. Do you want to share your tips? Then join the conversation at our greenprints blog.

Eskae Jeweller Blog

Keep up to date with what is hot and happening with ESKAE JEWELLER! Find out how we are meeting and surpassing all our clients needs and wants with our jewellery design and craftsmanship, all about why certain diamonds and coloured gemstones are more valuable than others, and how we are delivering the best level of service, making you feel like a king or queen. You will also learn about how to have jewellery custom crafted just for you, all the benefits and why it is such a personalised craft.
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