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Enableblogs offers free Wordpress blogs for people to build a platform and a community that will Enable, Empower, Engage and Educate around disability issues. The Enableblogs vision is to facilitate and promote conversations between people who are involved in or wish to explore disability issues.

Law in Australia


There's more to life than books you know, but not much more

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the web at usyd


An Australian perspective on affiliate marketing and web publishing.

Thinking Home Business :: Main Page

Des Walsh blogs on practical business blogging, networking and home based business

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The J's

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Exclusively Food

nOt jUsT dEsSeRts

A love of writing and cooking. Enjoying good food,wine and company at home or when trying new and favourite restaurants. Two great children and one fabulous husband. One dog and one cat. A life I shouldn't complain about.

The Occasional Epicure

Occasional updates on my eating and cooking adventures...

The Men's Guide to Dating, Sexuality, Health, Fashion, Entertainment and Money

Welcome to Wallyworld

A wacky daily blog from an Aussie marooned in Paris


A West Australian based discussion on new media and cross platform development for film, television, games and mobile applications.

A-League of their own

A less than serious look at the all-new Australian football league, possibly the only competition in the world that has a frisbee for a trophy. Part of the Real Life News blog community.

Tasmania's Journal of Discovery explores all aspects of Australia's island state

Leatherwood Online

Tasmania's Journal of Discovery explores all aspects of Australia's island state

Deadly Bloody Serious

Garth Kidd is deadly serious about many things.


Personal blog of an Australian medical student living in Melbourne.
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