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A Yobbo

from the arse-end of the anglosphere

Frugal Bastard

I'm known as a tight bastard, careful with my money etc, etc. So I'm using a free blog site and am going to share my thoughts with you all on a more regular basis. Come and visit often!! There will be political comment, satire, sillyness galore and maybe even some insight. Very rarely though. Also known as a capitalist pig bastard.

Jennie's Palette

Fresh artwork, works in progress, news, reviews and views on the art world from the perspective of award winning figurative artist, Jennie Rosenbaum.

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kay lives here

Kay is a web developer in Perth, Western Australia. She rants here, mostly about ColdFusion and Fusebox, when the mood takes her, which as you can see is not all that often.

zombiecoder kay

an oddly-named blog about web-building with standards in mind

enter the goatlady

neither my first nor only blog; a place to be myself and post all the weirdo stuff that doesn't belong anywhere else.

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Papertrap [dot] net

Mark's interesting journal. Mostly stuff that happens to me, and some stuff that happens to people I know.

Vicious Ange

I obviously love cooking & more than anything I am addicted to cookbooks & cooking magazines (I subscribe to 4) & trying out as many of those glossy new recipes as possible. I am using this site to inspire me to make as many recipes from as many of my books as possible & to show you the results of course.

Australian Centre for Democracy and Justice's Blog

The Australian Centre for Democracy and Justice is a social and environmental justice organisation that aims to deepen democracy in Australia by engaging the community and creating debate. This is our Blog.

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girl who gigs

Calidore's Garden Ramblings

The ramblings of a country gardener in the Mallee Region of Victoria, who also dabbles in crazy quilting and the occasional knitted scarf.

midday in the garden of good and evil

Living the gardening life on a suburban block in Sydney, Australia, the good, the bad, and the downright evil. I've become a bit of an indifferent gardener as I head toward my dottage, I no longer like to slog it out keeping things under control. I prefer to let the garden have it's head, that way it continually surprises me, things pop up where least expected and I sit in the sun with a cup of coffee and watch it all happen.

Googie's Garden

Story of a garden, a gardener and a way of life.

Googie's Genealogy Blog

Pickled Eel

Random travel tales from my Journals, with a bit of Creative Writing thrown in, spiced up with other pieces that catch my eye

Val has her say

And now I'm ignoring the Commonwealth Games - a total waste of taxpayer money!

The Tasmanian Trail

A North American families adventures living in Tasmania


Known to a close friend as Jellyhead but can be intelligent at times. Have dog, husband, 2 kids and a picket fence (really do have a picket fence, but it is kind of dirty yellow rather than white) and despite the cliche of this situation, I do really love my imperfect life. I work as a GP which can be wonderful and can be awful - like most jobs I guess. Would love to be a writer but lack the skill... blog will have to suffice
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