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Denyse Whelan. Blogger. Educator. Consultant

Denyse Whelan. Blogger. Educator.Consultant.

Every day is a blog post. Some link to blogs as part of Digital
Parents Australia. More relate to Denyse Whelan’s experience & expertise as teacher of children aged between 5 and 12, a
Primary School Principal. N.S.W. Schools and English as a Second Language Teacher (adults & children).

Using her extensive qualifications, personable manner and a practical approach, Denyse blogs and shares views to allow great communication between home and school. She does regular guest posts on blogs. She writes both to share and connect.

Denyse offers education & advocacy consultancy services through this website to parents, caregivers, grandparents, student teachers, school teachers to assist with

• issues parents/caregivers may be having with a child’s school or teacher
• finding solutions to any matters relating to education in primary schools
• writing letters, and /or drafting letters to schools and/or education authorities
• advising on matters relating to education which are within her field of expertise and knowledge
• preparation for a parent/caregiver/grandparent to attend any meetings with school personnel whereobjective and caring support is required.

Find Denyse Whelan. Blogger. Educator. Consultant. Here:

Follow her on Twitter: @denwise1.

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