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Mr. Munir Khan Scientist

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Mr. Munir Khan about the unifying theme of his research career, which has spanned more than Three decades to the subject of body revival. Mr. Munir Khan has spent much of his career in research of inventing a formula which basically is for detoxification of bad cells from body but helps to treat almost all kinds of diseases. However, his long journey through science & Ayurveda is chronicled in quests as diverse as unraveling the formula without which treating of many diseases would not have been possible. Although Mr. Munir Khan recently made waves for his provocative stance on the fiercely contested existence of body revival, he is best known for his ability to detoxify the body , taking out the dead and toxic cells from body which ends up giving benefits in treating many aliments /diseases like Cancer, Brain Tumour, Heart Blockage, diabetes etc by removing free radicals ,carcinogen, harmful lipids, and triggering beta cells for more production of insulinBorn in Kota, Rajasthan, India he spent much of his youth in Kota, a pastoral town in Rajasthan where his father was a Army Lt. Col in British period and retired as security officer in ACC factory. He says, as a boy growing up surrounded by a very normal environment, he had no inkling that he would one day pursue self ayurveda/science. A passing interest in ayurvedic medicines foreshadowed his decades-long career. The narrative of his early years does not feature childhood mentors or life-changing epiphanies, but it tells a story of hardscrabble self-discovery propelled by chance and scientific curiosity.In 1972, Post graduation degree in hand, he pursued his self research studies in the field of ayurvedic medicine and explored the micro herbal based formula for body revival. Scientific freedom is a theme that runs through Mr. Munir Khan's mind.������His circuitous path to the mankind began when, after earning his post graduation in 1972, uncertain of the future. At a time when the term "Herbal Science" had just entered the scientific vocabulary, He became interested in the research of herbal science and micro herbal based remedies for incurable diseases. In 2003, He has been awarded with SAMAJ SHREE AWARD by LIONS CLUB FELICIATED by Nana Chudasma for his service towards mankind. In 2005, He has been awarded with MESSIAH-UL-HULQ HAKIM AJMAL KHAN AWARD by union health minister Dr. Ramdas and also been awarded with ALL INDIA ASSMAL KHAN AWARD in the same year.After spending an intervening years in research and studies In 2003, Mr.Munir Khan has been awarded with PARAJ PRAKASH AWARD.He focused on a body revival using Ayurveda medicines. It should be noted as a significant fact that his medicines are basically herbal based formulations. He has a success rate of 70% in terminal cases and his research, studies and formulations give benefits in all types of cancer including Brain Tumour, Lung cancer, Bone Marrow, Breast Cancer, Chest Cancer, Mouth Cancer, Metastasis, Myeloma, Tongue Cancer etc.His discoveries on detoxification of bad cells of body which helps to treat many kind of diseases like Cancer, Brain Tumour, Heart Blockage, diabetes etc.He has his company name "Health Reactive" has 2 Factories in different part of India which mainly manufactures Medicine "Body Revival" "Health Reactive" Also manufactures many other kind of herbal medicine.His Company "Health Reactive" follow up the international rules and regulation of medicine manufacturing also the process of manufacturing "Body Revival" and other Medicines are always process under professional guidance and technical staff.