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Richmond Football Club Forum Discussion BoardsThe Senior players at the Richmond football club are what I call 'Cancers'. They destroy the fabric and must be cut out before they destroy the very existence of one of the great pleasures of MY LIFE - THE RICHMOND FOOTBALL CLUB. Act soon or we are doomed.Sunday, March 9, 2008Richmond Football Club Discussion Forums. Discussion Boards and Discussion Blogs concerned with the Richmond Football Club. Our young kids are fine, they will develop and be good players but it is the senior blokes who have the loser mentality that we have to erode. The 4/5 players players directly under this paragraph are cancers. Cut the cancer out to survive.K. Johnson(played in 2 flags) does he need any more individual success? Does he strive for us to be successful, not in my eyes. Never a senior core leader at Adelaide. (Rehn, Riccutio, McLeod) e.t.c. Delist/ Trade. RetireJ. Bowden soft unaccountable footballer Delist/Trade. RetireK. Pettrified as above.M. Richardson is a perennial loser like Bowden. Delist / Trade/ Retire.I think Simmonds is o.k.The next leadership group should be like this. From next year!!N.Foley (Capt), Polo (v.c), Pattison, O-Nicholls Riewoldt (the last 3 deputies).It is my belief that if they keep the Bowdens, Pettrified, Johnson and Richardson at years end I will probably call it quits as a member.I guarantee if the cancer is gone, you go back to living a vibrant existence.Statistics from 1996: (Mostly concerned with the lack of tackling and the 1% per centers Terry Wallace coached sides do in a season).Tackling1996: Sydney = Runners up Rated 1st in tackling Footscray: 16th1997: Adelaide = Premiers 1st in tackling W.B 12th1998: Adelaide = Premiers 1st W.B 11th1999: Kangaroos = Premiers 4th W.B 10th2000: Essendon = Premiers 2nd W.B 14th(Note Essendon