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Go Australia!

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Australian gymnastics is less covered in the news than other sports like cricket. Quietly working his way up into sports is a quiet, intense young man named Kevin James. Kevin started gymnastics when he was 9 years old.At 14 years of age, this little firecracker has many medals under his belt. This includes the recently held National Championships representing Victoria. Kevin won a gold in Level 8 Gymnastics. He also has had the opportunity to represent Australia in the New Zealand Vs Australia competition.I met Kevin in the fall of last year and was impressed by the determination shown by this young man. He works hard and is an inspiration to many young aspiring young people of his age group.He recently created his own website at: where he blogs and has many videos of his gymnastic events posted online.Kevin has won the gold medal in the last event he attended and is now to represent Australia in the South Africa National Open MAG Tour in October 2007. His deepest desire is not to be a burden on his parents for funding his trip there. It costs $5000. Kevin has decided to raise money through his website and also by holding a Sausage BBQ this Sunday 9th September at:PIT Club40, Heaths Crescent,Mill Park (Behind Safeway)Time: 10AM - All daySo, come on Australia, pull out your change/cheque books and donate for this worthwhile cause and make this young man's dream come true.Cheers!A Well Wisher