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Discovering, promoting & nurturing Australian talent!

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Two Flat Whites has it all. It's a network that has been created & is divoted to discovering, promoting & nurturing Australian talent. We interview talented Australians, we showcase creative work, we promote gigs & events & we promote young writers.Why not submit an article. Anything from fashion, design, music, entertainment, politics, food, news of the day & just about anything in between! So if you would like to write an article, let us know. Here are some of the articles on the site.'Two Flat Whites' is a network for Fashion, Design, Music, Entertainment, Food, Lifestyle, Travel and Small business. 'Two Flat Whites' offers the opportunity for talented, skillful and inspirational Australian fashion designers, photographers, writers, graphic designers, musicians, entertainers, bands, chefs, personalities, fashion labels, restaurants and small businesses to be recognised while showcasing their work.Discovering, promoting & nurturing Australian talent!