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What type of Virtual Assistant do I need?

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Choosing a Virtual Assistant.If you are new to Virtual Assistants but want to take advantage of the expertise outside your country and it���s cost effective model then here are some things you want to consider.Is your project a once off or ongoing. We find that if your project is a once off then you can find some great talent on websites such as or There is a large amount of highly qualified people on these websites. You do need to do your homework with some of the people that reply. Personally I have had to filter and interview many who have been very under qualified.Beware of price. Type in ���Virtual Assistant��� into Google and you will see ads promising $5/hour etc. If you are after an asset to your business AVOID these people. You get what you pay for. You are better off paying double and getting someone half the time. You will not even have to pay double. Most virtual assistants work on a tier system. We now only employ Tier3 and above. Why? We have tried the cheaper option but our clients opt out rate is very high. There is no value. Pay the extra few dollars and hour and enjoy.If you are in a specific industry try to find someone with related knowledge to that industry. East West Enterprises always looks for this. We have Virtual Assistants who have worked for Trades people, Real estate Agents, Mortgage Brokers, Business Coaches, Personal Trainers etc. They have great understanding.These are just some basic tips to help you find a Virtual