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HelpMeSis Blog

This blog is about topics of interest to Australian women. Opinions are offered on issues and events affecting our families and our country. There are also some interesting (I hope) reflections on every day life.


The Very Respetable Parent

In this Very Respectable Parent's opinion all this new modern parenting advice is impractical and contributing to a rapid social decline. To reverse this decline parents must throw out the sticker charts and take a firm hand to the fruit from their very own loins, and more to the point, to themselves. Only by taking a good hard look at themselves can parents claw back the last shreds of respectability.

@ Home Mum

Blog about the musing of an entrepreneur mum (mumpreneur). Follow in the adventure, trials and tribulations as I try to balance business, a husband and 2 children. I hope to also cover issues that are important to me including * Work at Home Mums - Employment and Mumpreneurs * Study at Home Mums * Campaigns and Issues affecting at Home Mums including Paid Maternity and Paid Parental leave * Activities for Kids * Childcare * Autism Awareness

What's Up on the Gold Coast Blog

Issues and Events of Interest on the Gold Coast, Queensland
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