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An opinion blog covering Melbourne's news and public affairs from a progressive left-libertarian perspective.

The Dead Roo

Left wing group blog discussing Australian politics and society.

Beware of the God

Religious politics documented and contemplated; features artwork, essays, links & newsletters (and projections on clouds!)

Die, Fluffy Wuffy, Die!

Thoughts, rants and comic observations from Matt Hayden (not the cricketer!).

human behavior

Critical notes on human behavior inspired by current affairs and one human's encounters with the world.

The Daily Reckoning Australia

The Daily Reckoning offers an independent and critical perspective on the Australian and global investment markets. We do not propose to tell you what the news is. You can find that out anywhere for free. Instead, we try and tell you what news is worth paying attention to and what it might mean for your money.

The Press Gallery

Rupert Fairfax, truth is stranger than factions...

IT geek and occasional cook and author blogs often-than-interesting life, politics and technical guff

Love Over Dogma

A slightly left-leaning mix of the spiritual, environment , politics, humanitarianism and personal wellbeing.

Occasional Comments

Random things from Melbourne
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