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Dodgy Press

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Translucent Partisan

politics, history, philosophy, science, astronomy, personal etc...


This popular cult blog is the often bizarre creation of journalist, Aaron Darc (published by the likes of Sydney Morning Herald), and features controversial musings on popular culture, society and human nature.

Random thoughts in the quest for wisdom

climate change, politics, science, film, covering stupidity and uncovering wisdom

Counteract Now: Where The Right Is Not Right

Personal point of view on current Australian and international social and political matters.


Satirical spin on the world, news, politics and entertainment.


An Australian 'Berra blog on public policy, politics, attitudes & behaviours with a digital influence.

Values Australia

Australian values explained. Get those beaut Australian Values and become a fair dinkum Aussie mate. More than you ever thought you could be told (under Part5.3 and Section 72 of the Criminal Code).

The Dead Roo

A left wing group blog discussing politics and society.

The Eagle's Nest

The Eagle's Nest is a blog of social, religious, and political comment into which a bit of other stuff intrudes from time to time.
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