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Leany J in the City

Queen of the Hand Fart since 1979. Personal blog of Leany J, a super mum of two, freelance Graphic Designer from Brisbane.


Daily insight from a mother taking steps towards a more sustainable, compassionate and conscious life. Because going eco is logical.

Curlews in a Garden

Once Edible, Now Consumed

Emma was a commercial cook with the potential for an interesting future. Then she suddenly became a mum at 23. To maintain sanity she cooks like there is no tomorrow and shops endlessly for her beloved baby son, Wolfgang. All about cooking, babies, dining out with young children and general tongue-in-cheek philosophy on being young, being a mother and being a cook.


I'm an international student in Berwick, VIC and sharing my experiences here as well as photos. I also share online, web design and marketing topics.

Justyn's Blog - My slice of the interwebs

Personal blog about things around me, life, technology, work and everything in between.

Mad Morro

Is anyone out there?

I am using a blog to make social commentary get rid of the bees in my bonnet that my family are tired of hearing. I am interested in politics, ageing for women, the society we live in and euthansia

Sarah's Say

A warm and funny view of motherhood by the author of Dad and Me (Harper Collins 2007) and The Lost Art of Childhood (Random House 2003).

Andrew Knight | Everything Andrew Knight

Born into Generation Y, I, Andrew Knight have become knowledgeable in various areas of technology, modern life and human emotion. Experience technology, finance and unique opinions at their best! - My Life, My Story, My Blog:
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