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triple j tv

Switch on, log on or download new music, interviews, current affairs, documentaries and comedy that takes triple j's irreverence, independence, authority and attitude, and brings it to life in a whole new dimension: triple j tv.

Scarlet Words

Scarlet Words is the blog of Elizabeth, an Australian girl in her 20's. Blogging about life in Melbourne, photography, music, food & recipes, current affairs pop culture, reviews and interesting stuff found online.

My Big World of Crap


Journal, Travel, Politics, Creative Writing, Military, Art, Music


Early forties bloke's personal blog about the things he does and the place he lives.

design | photography | other stuff

A blog where I publish some of my photos, comment on photography, web design, and all sorts of other stuff.

Aussie Hip Hop

This site contains rythmical rhymes incorporating Aussie Colloquialisms!

It's Not the Critic That Counts

A blog that encompasses a wide range of disciplines - from social commentary, popular culture and information technology.

Australian absinthe reviews, music, art & culture
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