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The Barman's Rant

Blog for The Barman from Sydney-based international music e-zine the I-94 Bar ( covering all aspects of Real Rock Action from the garage to the punk rock moshpit.


Heapsblog is the Heapsaflash music blog featuring regular updates on Australian indie music and festivals.


Personal journal from the Melbourne band YIS. Includes new music and videos, but also stuff we're interested in; vegan recipies, drawings, competitions, and more... all original content, updated daily.

Pretension // News & Music Production Blog

Pretension is a Brisbane based electronic music producer who is determined to make his mark on the Australian dance music scene. This blog explores how he uses various production techniques in his current and future releases. It covers the use of Ableton Live, 3rd party plugins, creative mixing techniques and the exciting world of home studio DIY. Pretension loves learning new tricks so he understands the benefits of an interactive tutorial. During the tutorials, you can play the tracks that use the techniques, hear the difference and learn how to apply it to your own tunes.

Australian Electronic Music

An electronic music blog dedicated to quality unreleased tracks and production information.

Isadore Biffin's Weblog

I am a student in my final year of high school. This blog will document my major work for the year, the “Article Thirty-Nine Concert”.

Signal To Noise - Australian Electronic Music Production Blog

Signal To Noise is a blog about music production written by Chris Smith (aka Hyphen) an Australian electronic artist. An indepth technical blog about the art and science of electronic music production.

Guitar Student

G4GUITAR's Program director gives regular blogs on learning guitar and music. This blog is very helpful for anyone learning music and also parents.


DIY runs thick and fast through Melbourne’s thriving independent music scene and it’s an aesthetic that feeds our music community to influence some of the most creative, awe-inspiring art. melbournezene has emerged in order to uncover, leverage and pay homage to the independent music of Melbourne, Australia. Here, bands and artists of all genres are united under the one banner while receiving the credits they deserve.

The Music Blogs (TMB) is a collaborative blog project based in Australia. We aim to deliver a multitude of perspectives on music, artists, and the industry, as well as listeners’ opinions. Written by listeners, musicians, producers - for anyone who shares the same passion for music.
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