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Super Guide provides simple, independent superannuation information for all Australians. The site is free to use and you can also subscribe to a free newsletter for the latest tips and news on super. The site is written by Trish Power, an author and journalist who lived a former life as a superannuation tech-head. She is the author of super bible, Superannuation For Dummies, 2nd Edition (Wiley).

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We’re a small team inside IAG that has launched a community site, asking consumers to help 
us design the best online insurance experience and products. It’s called The site includes an idea exchange where people interested in insurance issues can enter ideas, vote on others ideas or refine them by adding comments. A quick poll, interactive surveys and an anonymous suggestion box provide a variety of ways people can have their say.
 This is a chance for you all to be car and home insurance contributors. 
Visit us today and have your say.

Best Mortgage Rate From Finance Broker in Brisbane

considering two or more variables or factors affecting the mortgage terms, best mortgage rate is an optimum option.

Gary Stone's Journal

I’d like to share my thoughts on the ever changing and always uncertain environment of world markets and the numerous events that influence them.

Hopefully I can challenge the way you think as an investor and give you some insight into the way I think and act as a trader.

By sharing my thoughts, observations and experience with you, I hope we are all inspired to become better at what we think, feel, say and do as both traders and investors.

Loans Australia

Loans Australia are the Creative Financing Specialists for smart property investors with 2 to 29 properties, who want STRATEGIC financing solutions for ongoing property acquisitions. As like-minded property investors, we go BEYOND constrained mortgage options and conventional thinking to deliver tangible results backed up by our Double-Benefit-Guarantee, freeing you to purchase your next property faster.

Ronin Asset Management - Trading and Investing Blog

Blog on thoughts on financial markets from all the team at Ronin Asset Management.

Michael Yardney's Property Investment Update

Property Investment ideas, tips and strategies from Michael Yardney, a best selling author and one of Australia’s leading experts in the psychology of success and wealth creation through property. He is Australia's most published property author and has probably educated more successful property investors than anyone else in Australia. But he is not a theorist….

Your Financial Independence

The purpose of this blog is to share my journey and to learn about financial independence. My goal is to one day be financially independent, and that is what this blog is all about.

The Financial Panther

The Financial Panthers objective is to provide information available for reader comment on topics such as financial planning, superannuation, investing, insurance, saving money and managing debt. The idea is to provide relevant information for investors that is useful and relevant but is also available for comment as in the world of investing there is generally no 100% correct solution.
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