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Guitar Hero Blog Australia

All the latest News and Reviews for Guitar Hero fans in Australia.

Diary of an Extra

Diary of an Extra is true accounts of my life as a professional film and television extra. It covers stupid things I've done on set, people I've met and jobs I've had, from being one in a crowd of 300 to performing opposite the male lead of a TV series. It's a light hearted look at the industry and a great way to learn about the business!

The Reviewing Basterd

A comedy based review blog, talking about movies, TV, comics and games throughout the ages. Also featured occasionally are soap box articles giving views on current trends and events.

TV Series Galore

Australian TV blog with news, reviews, opinion, gossip, scheduling amendments and tv series dvd releases aimed at the Australian television viewer.

Rach's Media Opinions

I love to be entertained and I love writing about things that entertain me. I also like suggestions!

OzSource: Australian Alternative Media Source

An Australian Alternative Media Source highlighting Games, Movies, Science Fiction, Lifestyle, TV, gadgets, weird or wacky, opinions, critiques, retrospectives. The future of media today.

Cut, Print, Review.

Cut, Print, Review is an Australian site dedicated to providing you with concise and honest reviews to past and present cinematic releases along with movie news, previews and commentary.

Kotaku Australia

Kotaku and games. Games and Kotaku. They'd be one in the same in every lexicon on the planet if it were humanly possible. Whether it's the latest info on a new game, or hot gossip on the industry's movers, shakers and smashers, you'll find it all here and nicely packaged at Kotaku. The Australian edition of Kotaku is focused on taking all this fantastic news and crafting it into a tasty treat for all you Aussies and Kiwis. Sure, you could mosey over to the US site, but you'd miss out on all the juicy gaming goodness that's relevant - and important - to you.

Australia! Wtf?!

Australia! Wtf?! Observing that the skinnier veronica is really skinny, proclaiming neighbours as must-see viewing, and recommending you take yahoo answers au as absoloute gospel.

FameCrawler at

Your Daily Celebrity Baby Fix. Celebrity parents - they're just like you! Except, you know, richer and more famous.
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