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Web Business Strategies for Smart Designers

Blogging Help for Web Designers. Currently I am teaching on a Web Development Diploma, focusing on Strategies for driving traffic, Social Networking and creating an online presence. Currently I, Tony Hogan, run the worlds most successful Acoustic Guitar Blogs which have had almost a Quarter of A Million Visitors in just over 12 months. This blog is to test techniques and share information with students and the greater community, both local and global. I am open to including other developers contributions. Regards Tony Hogan

Time For Bed Blog

Time For Bed is an Australian based online retailer providing a range of quality childrens pyjamas, baby sleepwear and baby gifts.

Clockwork Removals Packing and Moving Tips Faqs & How to Guides

"How to" guides on Packing & Moving, Tips, Faqs & How to Guides! All the 'Know How' About Moving, Packing & Packing Materials!

Sydney Homos is a gay and lesbian website that keeps your daily news update. provides the local and international news, in-depth features, event reviews and photos, movies.

Joomla Blog helps users to enhance their technology skills by providing a community-based expert guidance and advanced technical know-how and providing the opportunity to gain knowledge through great readings and tutorials.

Saving Snow Leopards

Snow leopards are endangered and rare. They live in some of the most extreme environments on earth. High altitudes and temperatures below freezing. They share their habitat with hardy villagers and nomads throughout 12 Central Asian countries. See how conservationists are working to save this beautiful elusive animal from extinction in the wild. Some facts about snow leopards - 1. they can leap further than any other wild cat 2. they cannot roar 3. they can catch and kill prey more than 3 times their own weight and size 4. they roam hundreds of kilometres in a week

Learn About Poverty

World Vision Australia have released a great collection of content including photos, videos and data that bloggers can use to talk about the issue of Poverty for Blog Action Day 2008.


Watch this space for excellent blogging tips to give your blogs internet visibility, effectiveness as a marketing tool and to bring you 'how to' tips about blogging. We will also be presenting some examples of great blogs, from which to glean fresh ideas for your business.
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