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Whois Whooiz?

Clarke Scott, home-grown internet entrepreneur has been hard at work on, a rapidly growing international website that…oops I shouldn’t get ahead of the interview below:

1.        Clarke, what is WHOOIZ? is a People, Podcast and Blog discovery service with Social networking widgets.
2.        Who are you targetting?Bloggers and podcasts mainly but, I am just about to move into the Myspace area and so I can see more and more comedians and a like getting involved.
3.        Tell us about how you conceived the idea behind Whooiz.The idea has morphed considerably from the original idea of a Wikipedia for people into more of a social networking/widget site.
4.        I see you’ve had a great take-up by some high profile bloggers, what sort of feedback have you received?The feedback has been awesome! We had our first 500,000+ pageview day last Friday and so I am already thinking about upgrading the server and or
Adding more of them just to keep up with the growth.
5.        What’s been the easiest (and conversely, the hardest) thing about launching Whooiz?Easiest thing: Convincing people to signup. Hardest thing: Predicting the rate of growth and therefore the server configuration.
6.        Can you tell us a bit about yourself, Clarke? How did you find yourself on the path of the internet entrepreneur? I’m a software architect and a keen interest in startups. I love the creative aspect of coming up with an idea, building it And seeing it mature into a popular product/site.
7.        What are your plans for Whooiz? I would like to be the one place n the internet for people for find other people, blogs and podcasts. Also to have a build widget on every blog and podcast website.
8.        What do you see as the greatest challenges for Whooiz over the next 12 months? Finding time to implement every idea I’ve had or widget idea I’ve come up with in the past couple of months.

Hey great stuff, Clarke. For those that don’t know, this is not Clarke’s first web venture. Just check out his Whooiz profile…

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