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The Top 5 Fishing Locations in Australia

Photo: Fraser Mummery Creative Commons License
Photo: Fraser Mummery Creative Commons License

Australia’s gorgeous coastline has made fishing one of the most popular activities in the country. There are so many fishing locations throughout Australia offering freshwater or saltwater fishing. Pack your fishing gear and head out to explore the best locations to reel in a giant catch.

1. Port Lincoln, South Australia

Whether you choose to jump on a charter boat or fish from one of the jetties, Port Lincoln is a haven for fishing action. Giant yellowtail kingfish, blue gropers, snappers and tuna are all found in these waters. Before you venture out to enjoy some fantastic fishing, stock up on the highest-quality tackle and equipment if you are hoping to reel in these bad boys. A store like MOTackle can assist you in matching the right equipment with the type of fishing you are planning to do; click here to see the range of saltwater and freshwater tackle available.

2. Weipa, North Queensland

Marlin, giant trevally, mangrove jack and barramundi are just some of the fish you can be lucky enough to catch on a fishing trip to Weipa. At some 2,400km from Brisbane, a trip to Weipa is not usually done on a whim. But planning a fishing trip to the northern-most regions of Queensland is worth it to experience inshore coasts, offshore reefs and five river systems. July and August are popular times to visit, perfectly timed to get away from the cold conditions of the southern states.

3. Exmouth, Western Australia

Located in the northern region of Western Australia, Exmouth is home to hundreds of fish species. This beautiful area is perfect for both land and sea fishing, with charter companies running daily trips out to sea. Many anglers choose to take their own boat and see some of the stunning coastline while they enjoy the local fishing scene. Exmouth has a range of accommodation options, including hotels and caravan parks, for those planning on staying a while.

4. Port Phillip Bay, Victoria

A tidal lagoon stretching more than 2,000m2 and no more than 30 metres deep, Port Phillip Bay is home to a range of fish species. It is renowned as the best snapper fishing spot in Australia, thanks to the annual migration known as Crimson Tide. The best area for game fishers to focus on is ‘The Rip’ at the entrance of the bay. Port Phillip Bay is perfect for weekend fishing trips, but pack warmly for early morning ventures.

5. South West Rocks, New South Wales

Most visitors to South West Rocks regard the town as ‘quaint’. Fishermen regard it as a hidden gem in a sleepy village. This beautiful coastal town is located on the mouth of the Macleay River in the northern region of New South Wales and offers both deep-sea and river fishing. Fishing charters run regularly and accommodation is affordable, so you can even bring the family. Looking for game fish? Mahi mahi, striped marlin and blue marlin can all be found in the area.

Get ready to hit the water and experience some of the best fishing Australia has to offer. There are so many fantastic places to visit if you are a keen fisherman. What are some of your favourite spots?

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