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Coronavirus inspires world graffiti

Don,t get me wrong, I am definitely not pro graffiti. Graffiti costs millions in removal costs.

Sadly,  some of the perpetrators of the vandalism pay with their lives. Even though graffiti can kill, it can also have positive benefits – IF applied in approved locations.

There are inspirational masterpieces that although graffiti, transcend into works of art like this Coronavirus graffiti. <– Click here.

If you need to remove unwanted graffiti, call the Graffiti Eaters!





Teen cut in half in train accident – spraying graffiti

What a headline – I took it straight from the Channel 7 website.

Unfortunately not enough kids are reading these stories, understanding that graffiti can kill.

Graffiti is vandalism, costing companies, property owners or the public a fortune pure and simple.

What’s sad about these stories is that graffiti deaths are preventable – they can just stop vandalising property.

Hopefully this and other blog posts like it will save at least one future death.

It’s just not worth it.