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Add Case Studies To Your Blog Posts Part 2

In last month’s post, I explained that adding case studies to your blog posts increases value for your readers. It creates another way of communicating with your readers beyond the constraints of the blog. The thing is a case study doesn’t have to be long or complicated – it just has to be of interest to your readers – like this one I prepared for you –

Internet Mastery Case Study: From 0 to 300 subscribers in 90 days

Now, before I give it to you, you have to admit that’s a great title and you WANT to read it. That’s the whole point. Make sure your case study title is intriguing enough. In this instance, it’s a two-page explanation how Yvonne McIntosh went from 0 to 300 subscriber with one of her sites in 90 days…

Click here to get the Internet Mastery Case Study: From 0 to 300 subscribers in 90 days.

Add Case Studies to Your Blog Posts

Blogging is not just about publishing a post, it’s about creating value for your reader. Case studies are a GREAT WAY to create value, by consolidating ONE KEY IDEA and making it dead easy for the reader to IMPLEMENT it in their business, website or blog.

Take this example – I published a post called “Keywords are key to blogging success” and then created a case study about it, which you can download for future reference.

Don’t you agree a PDF that you can easily and quickly access is more ‘valuable’ to you?

You’re welcome!

So there you have it – convert, transform and enhance your posts into case studies and see what happens to your readership and subscriptions!

There are a few more cases I’ve lined up for you – they’ll be ready in the next week or so.

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