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You’ve Heard Of Web 2.0, What About Blog 2.0?

I am amazed at how many people still think blogging is textual and not visual… I recently had a client publish a post that could have been visually intriguing, but because the images were in an incompatible format with WordPress, she decided not to include the images. What a mistake! A blog without visuals is like black and white television. Sure it’s nostalgic, but it’s also obsolete!

Take a few minutes to scan your blog and ask yourself how you can transform it and make it more visually appealing – with images and videos.

Especially one like this –

But you don’t have to get into  a major production exercise – you can include images like this one…

Antimimeticisomorphism - A Job On Top Of The World

Antimimeticisomorphism - A Job On Top Of The World

You want to make sure you optimise ALL your blog posts using SEO strategies LIKE Captions on all photos…

Your Blog – Make It Part Of Your Events Checklists

Today’s post might be obvious to you, but trust me, it’s not to a lot of people. Make your blog and publishing schedule part of your PR and activities checklist. Prepare the posts in advance and schedule them so that they get published automatically ON TIME and IN ADVANCE of the PR event or activity. There are still people out there trying to blog in real time. STOP IT!

WordPress allows you to schedule blog posts easily – USE this function to relieve stress, but most importantly make sure you get the maximum exposure and Return On Investment for your activities.

These blog posts include announcing:

  • An Open House
  • A limited-time-offer
  • The release of a new product
  • An appointment of your staff
  • A new hire
  • A award won
  • A seminar or worshop
  • A radio or television interview that will air

Just add it to your checklist so you don’t forget!