Sydney Blogger Gets On National TV

If you have any doubts people are reading you blog, today’s post should remove any doubt about the value of blogging about anything and everything that is relevant to your audience of suspects, prospects and clients. David Conroy of The Lone Drainer And Pronto, Sydney’s Premier Plumber in the Eastern suburbs has been blogging for about a year, he might not consider himself a blogging expert, but y’know what? David has mastered the art of blogging.

David’s got contributors to his blog from 6 countries with regular readers from more than a dozen countries… One of his recent blog posts about Sydney’s Desalination caught the attention of a journalist for Channel Nine who contacted him and interviewed him for a TV segment that aired last night. CLICK the hyperlink to watch the interview about the complaints about Sydney’s desalinated water.

If you’re not getting results like these, you should consider learning how to blog like an expert.

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  • Wow!, this is awesome, inspirational and a great achievement by David Conroy. Well done David, keep up the great work, it just goes to show you never know who reads your blog and where your ripple goes out to.

    Well done again


  • Hi Marc,

    What amazing exposure that is. I can only imagine how many calls or enquiries David got from this – and all because he has a blog – and a really cool name, promo and website of course.

    Of course this would not have happened over night. The message of 1% improvements is very clear and the outcomes for David, (and I am sure for all those who choose the exponential path) are truly exponential.

    Robert Skehan

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