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SEO: 1 Percent Improvement

This is one of my favorite concepts, improving 1 percent per day, every day. As I mentioned elsewhere, 1 percent improvement is about IMPROVING something not just ‘doing’ something.

That’s why I wanted to let you know what mine was today… I was going through my blogs and editing comments when my 1% popped out…

I was in WordPress and I saw in the list of posts that a handful of them did not have a Title Tag and that other tags were not as descriptive as they could be, so I invested 10 minutes updating about 10 posts across my 5 blogs.

Why tell you this?

  1. It’s quick and easy to do
  2. It doesn’t take any technical skill
  3. it reinforces that I should be doing this automatically every time I publish a post – I thought I did, but then I realised that the oversights were all on posts that I did quickly because I was excited and wanted to get them out fast – too fast
  4. 1 percent improvement is not about doing something – updating the tags today is not the point, it’s about NOT making the error in FUTURE posts
  5. SEO optimisation is all about getting MORE targeted people to your blog – this 1 percent compounds over time

Go on, check YOUR Title tags and other tags to see if they’re optimised. If they are, congratulations! If not, you’re welcome!


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  2. Marc Dussault

    Great question.

    Yes, I produce 1 percent improvement EVERY DAY. Constantly changing, fine tuning and tweaking something I do. With SEO, I often check my best Google Adwords and make sure my TAGS match those. I also check that my blog posts are KEYWORD rich – as the better ones start to produce better results, I used them more…

    I TEST everything I do and therefore I know what’s working and what’s not.

    But to answer your question – yes, I do something EVERY SINGLE DAY, but it’s always something SMALL that ends up making a BIG difference.

    What ideas do you have as an SEO solutions company to offer our blog readers?

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