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Queensland Floods: How To Help

Within the next few days and weeks you will probably start receiving emails from unscrupulous Internet Marketers promising to donate proceeds of the sale of their products to Queensland flood victims. Without meaning to sound too cynical and jaded, be wary of their intentions – in my view they are inauthentic and opportunistic (to say the least).

I know they claim they will donate the money, but seriously, how will you ever know it’s been done?

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t support and contribute – just make sure the organisation is reputable and trustworthy or even better – donate directly to someone you know that needs the help.

You could physically go and help them dig, clean, paint, re-build. Ofter to pay for some of the supplies… Then you KNOW the money is put to good use. If you can’t make it, send a son, daughter, cousin, friend, or someone who’s in-between jobs. Pay for their flight, accommodation, etc. If you’re a trades person, offer your services – maybe even send some staff to the region affected.

Be creative, be generous.

If you know any worthy and reputable organisations or fund raising projects that deserve more publicity, please place a comment on this blog and we’ll make sure to let everyone know about them.


  1. Markus T. Bone

    Oh, my heart is aching for the affected QLD people. Donations given to the LDS Humanitarian fund will go to help with relief efforts in the area. They are a solid foundation to donate to at any time.

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