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New Airport Security And Airline Check-In Procedures

According to The Flying Book, 99.5% of all bags make it to their destination with their owners. Only 4.55 bags out of 1,000 are ‘lost’. Of the ones that are ‘lost’, 80% are retrieved within 24 hours, 99% within 5 days. The rest well… who knows!

Attention Australian passengers traveling to the United States: There are new airport security check-in procedures to consider.

There are two photos for this blog post… First this one:

New Body Scan Technology
New Body Scan Technology

This next photo was taken recently outside an international airport recently.

I’m pretty sure this crowd will be able to just walk right through, no pat-downs and no full body scans necessary. Just one question – what do you do with your mobile?!?! Hmmmm.

New Airline Check-In Procedures
New Airport Security Check-In Procedures

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