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JACKmail: Introducing your courier, Jackson West

I was fortunate enough to read this story from the Weekend Australian magazine after coming home from a long day at work. I was ‘burping’ my little boy (who is only 4.5 weeks old) in between paying my eldest (a 3.5 year old) somewhat incoherent spurts of parental attention – whilst my wife put the finishing touches on the evening’s meal.

The newborn had the expected disruptive effect on our normally smooth household routine and I had wondered over the preceding few days, “when will it get back to normal again?”

Suffice to say, after reading this story I am feeling appropriately sheepish.

Jackson is a young man with an intellectual disability, however with the help of his family he is the sole employee of JACKmail – a Canberra-based courier service that provides a post office pickup and delivery service.

I don’t want to dilute this great story – still evolving as Sally, Jack’s mum continues her efforts to ensure a full life for him.


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  1. Tim West


    I’m Tim – Jackson’s brother and the techo behind
    Thanks very much for the kind words; it’s nice to hear that people actually
    read the site and the more publicity we get the better.

    On your kids and family – I’m sure mum would agree that all us kids were
    trouble enough at times – and Jacko’s a really nice chap most of the time.


    -Tim West

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