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Great Blog Content = 38% more ad revenue

There’s great news out that your great blog content can yield as much as 38% more ad revenue if you have advertising on your blog. Read more about this report below.

A research report released in early January 2009 by the Online Publishers Association (OPA) showed that ads placed on content sites get better results than those on portals or sold through ad networks.

For example, the aided brand awareness metric was up by 38% on OPA member sites—that is, content sites—versus the following:

* Down 9% on portals
* Down 19% on ad networks
* Down 7% against control data

There are reasons why this makes sense. In the offline world, such as on TV, greater brand effectiveness is affected by how people react to the programming. In fact, the more the audience is engaged because they value the TV content, the more responsive they are to the ads viewed. This revelation has been echoed in other branding research published recently.

However, on the Web, the mindset of visitors varies far more than when they watch TV.

For example, cruising through a portal (Yahoo, MSN, etc.) to check weather, e-mail and headlines tends to create what you might call a “fast-food” mentality, with little time [or intent] to stop and notice what’s being consumed.

Or when people use search engines, while they might be clicking even more rapidly than when on a portal, they often have a focused task in mind —based on their search—which lends itself to effective [targeted] paid search advertising.

In contrast, when people linger a while on a content site—to read an article or view a video—they tend to pay more attention to the webpage environment, even if only marginally more.

BECAUSE, audience reaction to advertising tends to be affected by the company it keeps, the more visitors value the online content they consume, the more positive their reactions to surrounding advertising will be. At least that’s the tendency if ad clutter is kept at a minimum or structured in a visually appealing way.

What this means is that if you are a blogger, you will be rewarded when creating high-value sites that leverage Google Adsense properly positioned. As you might know from this blog content, there is a compounding effect that occurs when your content is KEYWORD RICH, pulling BETTER ads that are then are perceived as more appropriate and consequently are clicked more often.

So there you go – create MORE VALUABLE CONTENT and you shall be rewarded both with more visitors as well as more click-throughs on your ads.

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